The Combination of Pumpkin and Jackfruit Seeds for Making Tortilla

NURHAYATI, NURHAYATI (2021) The Combination of Pumpkin and Jackfruit Seeds for Making Tortilla.

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Consumers' tendency to prefer practical and ready-to-eat snack products such as tortillas provides new ideas for food diversification that can be accepted by the community. Pumpkin has been developed as an alternative food ingredient that has been processed into flour. It has been used as an alternative for making some products. The high nutritional content of pumpkin, vitamin A and vitamin C is very suitable for raw material in making tortillas expected to produce tortillas with a high level of proteins and vitamins. Not only pumpkin flour, but there is also a potential ingredient for making tortillas, the jackfruit seeds. Jackfruit seeds are waste from jackfruit. This waste becomes a problem of environmental pollution if not addressed immediately. Jackfruit seeds still have a high nutritional content. This study aims to determine the best formulation combination between pumpkin and jackfruit seeds for making tortillas and determine the effect of the combination of pumpkin and jackfruit seed on tortillas' chemical and organoleptic properties. The research data were analyzed using an experimental design, CRD (completely randomized design) with one factor, the pumpkin and jackfruit seeds combination, treatment A (pumpkin 20%: jackfruit seeds 80%), B (pumpkin 35%: jackfruit seeds 65 %), C (pumpkin 50%: jackfruit seeds 50%), D (pumpkin 65%: jackfruit seeds 35%), E (pumpkin 80%: jackfruit seeds 20%) which is repeated three times to get 15 units trial. The analysis results were continued with the Honestly Significant Difference test (HSD) at the 5% level. The parameters were moisture content, ash content, fiber content, and organoleptic tests (color, aroma, texture, and taste). The results showed that the combination of pumpkin and jackfruit seeds significantly affected the content of moisture, ash, and fiber, and the score of color, taste, and texture but did not affect the tortilla aroma score. The result showed that the decrease of the pumpkin using, the decreased of the moisture, ash, and crude fiber content. The best treatment based on chemical and organoleptic properties is treatment C (50:50). In the future, issues related to the environment will become a concern for humanity in line with industrialization, which causes harmful excess in increased waste. For this reason, the development of agro-industry in the future is a sustainable agro-industry, such as the use of jackfruit seed waste into tortillas.

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